About Beetrack

Beetrack allows you to control your fleet and improve the productivity of your logistic operation through a simple, efficient and always-available platform, designed to help you deliver the best shopping experience to your customers.

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Online dispatch routes

The account administrator can see an ordered list of dispatches in real time, providing the necessary tools to increase your delivery team’s productivity.

Dispatch Guides

Beetrack allows you to check and review the detail of all dispatch guides, setting recipients and statuses that are automatically synchronized with the web platform.

Dispatch Items

The mobile app shows every shipped item’s complete information, allowing each administrator to set and check the each product’s status.

Client Feedback

Through our custom made forms, the carrier can collect valuable client information regarding the delivered items; take pictures, sign conformities and other customizable activities.


Some of our Clients

Use the Beetrack widget in your website or Facebook page to let your clients know what is the status of their deliveries

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